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1 Cloudy

cloudy from a dream i never had

Here, Mind is a cloud, Time is an out of place cactus. Time is percieved Perception and Cactus is but in memory. It takes root in my head as thoughts germinate, moods fluctuate, memories are shelved for display. The mind is a cloud and it siphons off the endless symphony of a temperamental memory, until the cloud rains. It rains tears that trickle through from the hearts eyes on its surface.--These potent tears fall to the the feet, nourishing the roots of thought as thoughts sprouts and ameliorate and bloom and pullulate all under the light of the SunMoon of consciousness. When it closes, the minds eye is asleep and its the moon and in wakefulness, the eye bleeds a charged red light like the sun so the plants can photosynthesize. Such is the eco system of the mind.

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